The AAMDC has received responses to the Spring 2015 Resolutions and is pleased to provide the membership with an update on those and other advocacy efforts in the Fall 2015 Advocacy Report Card. To provide clarity on resolution developments, new elements have been incorporated into this Report Card:

  • The status of ‘unsatisfactory’ has been renamed ‘intent not met.’ The purpose of this is to clarify that the status relates to the government response to the resolution and related developments, not to the quality of the AAMDC’s advocacy efforts or of the resolution itself.
  • The new status of ‘accepted in part’ has been included to acknowledge progress made on resolutions that may include multiple asks in the operative clause.
  • Colour-coding has been incorporated into the ‘reactions at a glance’ to provide a visual representation of resolution statuses.

It is important to note that just because a resolution has been assigned a status of Accepted, it is still reviewed for every Advocacy Report Card. Following each review, the status can be changed depending on developments that have occurred.

As an advocacy organization, the AAMDC values understanding issues that have been raised through resolutions. Even after resolutions expire, regardless of their status, the AAMDC continues to refer to them when related issues arise. 

The AAMDC resolutions database has been updated to reflect voting results from the Fall 2015 Convention and the status changes and developments included in the Fall 2015 Advocacy Report Card.

The complete list of resolutions endorsed at the Fall 2015 Convention are attached and advocacy efforts are underway in addressing these issues.


Enquiries and comments may be directed to:

Tasha Blumenthal

Policy Analyst


Kim Heyman

Director of Advocacy & Communications


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