Bill 6: The Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act has garnered considerable attention in the past several weeks. The AAMDC has completed an analysis of the Bill which can be accessed by clicking here. Bill 6 amends the following pieces of legislation:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Workers’ Compensation Act
  • Employment Standards Code
  • Labour Relations Code

The AAMDC’s analysis looks at each of the pieces of legislation that are amended by Bill 6 and highlights some implications of these changes.

The AAMDC has also completed an environmental scan, also known as a jurisdiction scan, of farm safety legislation across Canada. This can be accessed by clicking here.

The AAMDC has sent a letter to Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour, Hon. Lori Sigurdson, outlining the need for the Government of Alberta to work with the farming and ranch community on this important issue. The AAMDC has asked for additional time to be devoted to the consultation period to ensure Albertans and the Government of Alberta fully understand the impacts this legislation could have on small and family run farms. The letter sent to the Minister can found here and was also shared with the Reeves and Mayors of Alberta’s rural municipalities.

Given the importance of this issue to rural Alberta, the AAMDC Board and staff want to thank AAMDC members for their input and feedback to ourselves and the Government of Alberta’s consultation process. The announcement of amendments to the Bill was a partial win, however we still would like to see the process slowed down and further consultations added.  On this issue specifically, it is crucial that the rural voice be continually heard and recognized in this province, even if it is diverse. Additionally, as the advocate for Alberta’s rural municipalities, it is important that we continually hear your concerns regarding farm safety and that we are able to field your questions. This informs our advocacy efforts and ensures that we are able to represent your interests to government and other stakeholders.  

To access the AAMDC briefing on Bill 6, click here.

To access the AAMDC environmental scan on Bill 6, click here.

For more information on the amendments to Bill 6 introduced on December 2, 2015, click here.

Enquiries may be directed to:

Tasha Blumenthal
Policy Analyst


Kim Heyman
Director of Advocacy & Communications


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