In fall 2015, the AAMDC surveyed its membership on the wide range of inter-municipal arrangements that Alberta’s rural municipalities have with their urban and regional municipal partners. The AAMDC received a high rate of response to the survey with 93% (61 of 65) of rural municipalities responding.

The survey resulted in a wealth of information that confirms the AAMDC’s advocacy position that rural municipalities are undertaking considerable efforts to collaborate with their urban neighbors through a variety of inter-municipal financial agreements including cost-sharing, revenue-sharing, in-kind services, regional service commissions, and ‘other’ unique arrangements.

In total, rural municipalities reported through the AAMDC survey that a total of $160,670,125 is shared annually between rural municipalities and their urban or regional neighbors.

The broad conclusions that can be drawn from the survey results are:

  1. Rural municipalities are sharing and collaborating with their urban neighbors.
  2. Rural municipalities are using a number of different types of arrangements with their urban partners to share services and funding.
  3. The values contributed by each municipality vary widely within each of the contribution types, and by the total contributions for each municipality.
  4. Rural municipalities collaborate for the benefit of their residents, their urban neighbors, and to promote regional development and prosperity.
  5. Rural municipalities are very likely contributing in excess of the $160 million identified in the survey.
  6. Rural municipalities are sharing a considerable portion of the linear property taxation revenue that they receive with their urban neighbors.

To see the complete report on the survey results, please click here.

The AAMDC would like to thank all those who contributed to this valuable process. Your participation is greatly appreciated.


Enquiries may be directed to:

Matt Dow
Policy Analyst

Kim Heyman
Director of Advocacy and Communications

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