The AAMDC Board Governance Review Committee released their final report and recommendations to members on Thursday, March 2 by emailing the report directly to all mayors/reeves and CAOs for each AAMDC member. The intent of this was to ensure that councils would have an opportunity to discuss the recommendations during their March council meeting, if it was held prior to the AAMDC Spring Convention. 

The recommendations will be presented and voted on by members during convention in a format similar to the resolutions process. Due to time constraints, there may be limited opportunities to ask questions about recommendations during the review session. For this reason, the AAMDC is encouraging members with questions about recommendations to reach out to a committee member for clarification prior to the convention. Committee members are:

Non-voting Chairperson: Bob Barss – Reeve, MD of Wainwright and AAMDC Past President

District 1 Representative: Neil Wilson – Reeve, MD of Willow Creek

District 2 Representative: George Glazier – Reeve, County of Paintearth

District 3 Representative: Kara Westerlund – Councillor, Brazeau County

District 4 Representative: Cheryl Anderson – Reeve, County of Northern Lights

District 5 Representative: Eric Anderson – Councillor, County of Minburn 

Questions may also be directed to the AAMDC staff contacts at the bottom of this bulletin.

The Board Governance Review Committee will deliver the report to the membership for voting on recommendations on the last day of convention: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 8:00am.

Enquiries may be directed to:

Gerald Rhodes                                                                                                                                   
Executive Director

Wyatt Skovron
Policy Analyst

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