The Elected Officials Education Program (EOEP), a joint venture of the AAMDC, AUMA and Alberta Municipal Affairs, is Alberta’s only professional education program designed for municipally elected officials. The EOEP has been providing in-person and online professional development courses since 2007.

The EOEP is undertaking a complete course content and structure renewal to ensure that our courses provide Alberta’s elected officials with cutting-edge content and delivery methods.

What’s changing and why?

The number of courses offered by the EOEP is being reduced so that we can focus on those that are of most value to elected officials. This provides an opportunity to modernize the content that needs a refresh to reflect current best practices or legislative changes made through the MGA review process.

A key component of this change relates to a new "Munis 101" course that will meet the needs of the mandatory elected official training requirement under the revised MGA. 

In addition, there will be five supplementary courses relating to the following topics:

  • Municipal planning and strategy
  • Regional partnerships and collaboration
  • Land use and development approvals
  • Municipal service delivery
  • Community development through public participation

 What is Munis 101?

The revised MGA will include a requirement that municipalities offer training to all new and returning elected officials within ninety days of the 2017 municipal election.

 To assist municipalities in meeting this requirement, the EOEP is developing Munis 101, a two-day course that will be designed to meet mandatory training requirements while providing both new and returning councillors with the skills and information they need to excel in their positions for the upcoming term. Munis 101 will include an array of fundamental topics including but not limited to:

  •  Municipal governance and legislation
  • The elected official’s role in municipal leadership
  • The world of municipal finance
  • Effective collaboration

 The EOEP is working hard to finalize details for Munis 101, including costs, venues, and registration. The AAMDC will share these details with members soon. For more information contact AAMDC Policy Analyst Wyatt Skovron or EOEP Registrar Leanne Anderson using the contact information at the bottom of the bulletin.

Leanne Anderson

EOEP Registrar



Wyatt Skovron

Policy Analyst



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