Following the passing of the Municipal Government Amendment Act (2015) and the Modernized Municipal Government Act (2016), a number of regulations had to be updated or created. The second round of these regulations are now available for review.

The AAMDC has prepared a document, available here, that outlines the changes to the regulations with some additional commentary. Alberta Municipal Affairs has allowed feedback and input during this 60-day comment period which ends September 22, 2017.  

The regulations available fall under three broad categories:

Governance and Administration Regulations

  • Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Regulation - New
  • Code of Conduct for Elected Officials Regulation - New
  • Council and Council Committee Meetings Regulation - New
  • Crowsnest Pass Regulation - Updated
  • Determination of Population Regulation - Updated

Planning and Development Regulations

  • Off-site Levies Regulation – New (Repeal and Replace)
  • Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Regulation – New
  • Subdivision and Development Regulation and Subdivision and Development Forms Regulation – Updated
  • Canmore Undermining Review Regulation – Updated
  • Canmore Undermining Exemption from Liability Regulation – No Change
  • Community Aggregate Payment Levy Regulation – Updated

Assessment and Taxation Regulations

  • Matters Relating to Assessment Sub-classes Regulation – New
  • Community Organization Property Tax Exemption Regulation – New (Repealed and Replaced)
  • Matters Relating to Assessment and Taxation Regulation – Updated
  • Matters Relating to Assessment Complaints Regulation – Updated

The AAMDC will be providing comments to Alberta Municipal Affairs on the above regulations but welcome member input. If AAMDC members have comments or concerns, please direct them to AAMDC Policy Analyst, Matt Dow at

Enquiries may be directed to:

Matt Dow
Policy Analyst

Kim Heyman
Director, Advocacy & Communications

Download this file (07 25 17 Second Batch of MGA Regulations.pdf)07 25 17 Second Batch of MGA Regulations.pdf 

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