October 11, 2017

Four of the seven seats on the AAMDC Board of Directors will be up for election at the Fall 2017 Convention and will serve a two-year term (2017-2019):

  • Vice President
  • Director for District 2 – Central
  • Director for District 3 – Pembina River
  • Director for District 5 – Edmonton-East

In the event that a current AAMDC board member from Districts 1 or 4 chooses to run and is successfully elected as Vice President, that District Director position will become available for the remaining one-year period of the two-year term. That district election would take place at the same time as the other district elections already scheduled at the Fall 2017 Convention.


Section E of the AAMDC Bylaws identifies eligibility requirements for members of the Board of Directors, including that the individual must be a duly elected official for a full AAMDC member municipality. As such, should the results of the 2017 municipal election revoke the elected official standing of the incumbent AAMDC board positions that are mid-term, an election to replace that vacancy for the remaining one-year period of that two-year term will occur. At this time we know that the President and District 1 Director have been acclaimed and only the District 4 Director has an election in his home municipality.

For the position of district directors, individuals must represent a municipality that is within the district that is up for election. Click here to determine which municipalities are located in each district.


The AAMDC Board of Directors has 12 regular monthly meetings each year. Those elected to the AAMDC Board of Directors also serve on the following AAMDC subsidiary boards:

  • Jubilee Insurance Agencies;
  • PFA Canada; and
  • Genesis Reciprocal Insurance Exchange (GRIE)

These three business boards meet 5 times per year in a combined meeting under one AAMDC Aggregated Business Services board agenda. These meetings are separate from the regular AAMDC monthly meetings. In addition to the board meetings the board has 2 planning retreats each year.

Lastly the AAMDC represents its members on over 70 committees and external boards, which are divided amongst the Board of Directors – some meeting just once a year and some monthly. In addition to the aforementioned duties, the AAMDC President also sits as a board member on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) which holds multiday meetings across Canada three times a year.

The duties of an AAMDC Board Member are significant and require commitment to the association as well as considerable time for meeting and committee preparation and attendance and travel. We encourage members interested in pursuing an AAMDC board seat to contact a current board member to gain a full understanding of the responsibility and commitment required.

The overall role of AAMDC board members is to represent and advocate the broad collective municipal and rural interests of the membership, and to oversee the delivery of services that assist members in their business operations and decision-making processes. Serving on the AAMDC board is an opportunity to help shape the direction and future of your organization and serve the rural municipalities of Alberta.


Please refer to the draft convention agenda for nomination and election times. All nominations must be made from the floor and require a mover and a seconder. Both the mover and seconder may speak for a total of two minutes. Each electoral candidate will have five minutes to speak.

Electronic voting will be used for the election of the AAMDC Vice President and all district elections will be conducted by a ballot vote. In the case of an election that has three or more candidates, a clear majority (50 per cent plus one) must be obtained by one of the candidates to be declared the winner. If no majority is obtained in the first round of voting, the candidate with the fewest votes will be dropped, and another vote will occur. This process will be followed until one candidate receives the necessary clear majority.


Terms for directors will begin at the first board meeting following the Fall 2017 Convention (December 18, 2017) following an orientation. The transition for the position of Vice President will begin immediately and the duties of Vice President will commence at the end of the Fall 2017 convention.

The AAMDC’s Policy regarding board member responsibilities is attached for further information.

Enquiries may be directed to:

Gerald Rhodes
Executive Director

Kim Heyman
Director, Advocacy & Communications

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