Asset Management  for Municipalities in Alberta: Navigating the Asset Management Journey

The AAMDC report Asset Management for Municipalities in Alberta: Navigating the Asset Management Journey is a comprehensive high-level report for AAMDC members and all municipalities in Alberta. Asset management is not a one-time action or a report to be left on the shelf, it is a journey of continuous improvement. When municipalities make a strong commitment to the sustainability of their communities through the maintenance of their assets and infrastructure, it is the local residents the reap the benefits. By discussing the need to engage with stakeholders both internal and external to the municipality, and linking asset management with the municipalities broader vision and goals, the AAMDC hopes that asset management implementation will be strengthened and refined across municipalities in Alberta.

Download: Asset Management for Municipalities in Alberta

Download: Asset Management for Municipalities in Alberta Summary Report




Examining Municipal Government Models from the Alberta Perspective

The study is intended to provide AAMDC members with a resource to participate in discussions about Alberta’s municipal government structures, as there has been considerable commentary during the past year regarding regionalizing municipal government. The study examines several municipal models in jurisdictions across Canada and the United States, as well as Alberta’s municipal district and specialized municipality structure. Each model is evaluated based on a number of criteria that contribute to a municipality’s effectiveness.




AAMDC AUMA Citizen Engagement Social Media Resource Guide

Citizen engagement serves an important role for gathering feedback and advising residents of municipal initiatives and decisions. Social media has challenged traditional engagement practices and to prepare municipalities for enhanced citizen engagement, the AAMDC and AUMA released a Social Media Resource Guide for municipal citizen engagement in January 2015.





Apples to Apples: Rural Finance in Alberta

Want to know more about linear taxation and why it is vital for rural municipalities? 
Check out AAMDC’s
Apples to Apples report that looks at the current state of rural municipal finances to determine if the current taxation system can support the long-term financial viability of rural municipalities. The report highlights expenses, not just revenue, which must be considered in any discussion of municipal finances. 



Got Gravel? Securing Gravel for Rural Municipalities

Competition for gravel in Alberta is high because of the significance of its use in the construction and maintenance of both public and private sector infrastructure. The approaches recommended are cooperative, enabling the public, government and commercial interests to be met. Implementing the recommendations made in this report set the stage for better aggregate management in Alberta, specifically for the identification and allocation of strategic reserves to accommodate future public works needs.



Recent Public Reports Released By The AAMDC

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26 Aug 2015 20:43 Farmers’ Advocate Office Undertaking Surface Rights, Land and Energy: Pricing Transparency Mapping Project

The Farmers’ Advocate Office (FAO) is working to assist landowners by providing information and advice on surface rights, land and energy. There is currently no central repository accessible by landowners where this information is hosted. As such, the FAO is undertaking the Surface Rights, Land...

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26 Aug 2015 20:30 Updated Listing of Surplus Agriculture Commodities and Pasture Lands for Rent or Lease Now Available

To connect producers with needed or surplus commodities or available pasture lands, the Government of Alberta has updated information regarding hay, straw, standing annual crops available for purchase and pasture lands available for rent or lease. AAMDC members and agriculture producers can also utilize...

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26 Aug 2015 20:29 Prioritize Professional Development this Fall!

As summer vacations end, now is the time to strengthen your skills in preparation for the busy season in municipalities, and what better way to do so than by signing up for an Elected Officials Education Program (EOEP) course. The EOEP is offering five in-person courses between now and the end of...

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