Want an Update on Active Resolutions? Check out the Fall 2013 Advocacy Report Card

Twice annually, the AAMDC reports on all active resolutions through the Advocacy Report Card. The Fall 2013 Advocacy Report Card includes updated developments on resolutions from Fall 2010 onward and reactions to government responses for the Spring 2013 Resolutions. The AAMDC regularly refers to resolutions in association advocacy efforts and values the opportunity to provide members an update on these efforts.

Section 1 of the Advocacy Report Card includes development updates on emerging advocacy issues and all active resolutions. Emerging advocacy issues are areas of interest or concern identified by the Board of Directors as having a potential impact on the membership that there may not be active resolutions on, such as the Land-use Framework. 

Section 2 provides a comprehensive look at the government’s responses to the Spring 2013 resolutions, the AAMDC’s reaction to the responses and anticipated follow-up moving forward.

The Advocacy Report Card is available on the AAMDC website.  Members are reminded that the online resolution database is searchable and includes complete resolution information and developments that are included in the Fall 2013 Advocacy Report Card.

Please note that this will be the last update on the Fall 2010 resolutions as they expire at the end of November.

Enquiries and comments may be directed to:

Tasha Blumenthal

Policy Analyst


Kim Heyman

Director of Advocacy & Communications





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