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Wetland Mitigation: Draft Discussion Paper Available

Maintaining the health of aquatic ecosystems, including wetlands, is essential to support safe drinking water and meet economic needs in Alberta. Wetland management is presently governed by Wetland Management in the Settled Area of Alberta: An Interim Policy.  The Interim Policy does not address wetland management in the Green Area and is insufficient in meeting the pressures of growing population and development. As such, the Government of Alberta is currently reviewing wetland management as part of the process of developing a new wetland policy.

To support this, the Government of Alberta assembled a multi-stakeholder working group this past fall, which was tasked with establishing and reviewing principles and criteria that would help guide efforts to establish operational components of a new wetland policy. The attached Wetland Mitigation: A Draft Discussion Paper is a result of the working group efforts and provides the Government of Alberta with criteria to consider in the development of a new wetland policy.

The new wetland policy will build on the interim policy and improve the conservation, protection and management of Alberta’s wetlands in order to sustain the environmental, societal and economic benefits they provide for the province.

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Tasha Blumenthal
Policy Analyst

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Director of Advocacy & Communications