Alberta Water Council Releases Final Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity Planning Report

The Alberta Water Council (AWC) has released Sector Planning for Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity, the third report published by the AWC on water conservation, efficiency and productivity (CEP) since it began work in this area in 2006.

This report describes the process and identifies some of the challenges involved in preparing sector CEP plans and highlights plans prepared by seven major water-using sectors in Alberta which include: Chemical Producers, Downstream Petroleum Products, Forestry, Irrigation, Power Generation, Upstream Oil and Gas (including oil sands), and Urban Municipalities. The AAMDC had staff representation on the CEP Sector Planning Team and supports the CEP Plan developed by the AUMA.  Through this process, the AWC provided a forum for sectors to exchange ideas and receive multi-stakeholder advice as they developed their plans. Neither the AWC nor Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development approved or endorsed the sector plans. AAMDC members are encouraged to review the AUMA sector plan and reporting updates, which are available here.

There are three recommendations included in the Sector Planning for Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity report:

  • Recommendation 1 addresses the timing of sector progress reports;
  • Recommendation 2 describes the focus and approach for the sector progress reports; and
  • Recommendation 3 proposes that a new multi-stakeholder AWC team be established in 2014 and describes its mandate, including measurement of overall success of CEP plans in contributing to achieving Water for Life goals and the 30% improvement in water use efficiency and productivity by 2015.

The report also includes an identification of key issues and policy gaps identified that are broadly relevant to CEP planning but were outside the AWC’s mandate.

More information on both the Alberta Water Council and the CEP team and process are available at

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