AAMDC Convention

The AAMDC Spring 2014 Convention will take place March 17-19, 2014 at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Delegates from member municipalities around Alberta will come together to hear plenary speakers, participate in breakout sessions and vote on the resolutions that guide the AAMDC’s advocacy efforts.

For a detailed summary of the 2014 convention and trade show:
2014 Spring Keynote speaker:

Warren Macdonald

Warren shares lessons and experiences that help put our challenges into perspective. You’ll laugh; you might cry; but one things for sure and that is you’ll never see the world in the same way again… An inspirational presentation with four outcomes:
  1. The ability to recognize and breakthrough mental barriers to change
  2. Tools to turn change and challenge into catalysts for both business and personal growth
  3. A powerful shift in thinking that will put challenges into perspective
  4. A mindset that seeks solutions and opportunities
Become a Convention Sponsor
The AAMDC’s annual spring convention is an excellent opportunity for your organization to gain visibility and recognition with municipal decision-makers from across Alberta. By sponsoring the AAMDC convention, your organization will gain access to over 600 municipal officials through customized networking sessions and speaking opportunities. Take this opportunity to create awareness of your company and brand by sponsoring delegate events, services and products.

Download the Sponsorship Prospectus Spring 2014.

Be a part of the AAMDC Spring 2014 Trade Show! 
Join the AAMDC Aggregated Business Services division, meet AAMDC members and share how your organization will benefit their municipalities. 
For more information on future conventions, please contact Cindy Carstairs, Administrative and Convention Coordinator, at 780.955.4095.

Future Conventions

Every year the AAMDC holds two conventions in Edmonton--one in spring and the other in fall. Delegates from member municipalities hear plenary speakers, participate in breakout sessions and vote on the resolutions that guide the AAMDC’s advocacy efforts.





March 17 - 19
Shaw Conference Centre

November 18 - 20
Shaw Conference Centre


March 16 - 18
Shaw Conference Centre

November 17-19
Shaw Conference Centre


March 14-16
Shaw Conference Centre

November 15-17
Shaw Conference Centre


March 20-22
Shaw Conference Centre

November 14-17*
Shaw Conference Centre

              *2017 is an election year, the New Councillor Orientation will take place on the 14th,

                 the convention will run Wednesday through Friday.