The AAMDC did and continues to do our part to forward the ideas and priorities outlined for moving local government forward in Alberta.  There’s been a lot of discuss ion about municipalities and how they interact with other levels of government. With change on the provincial political horizon, the time is right. It is encouraging that the dialogue is getting more attention; and, it is an excellent opportunity to remind decision makers that Rural Still Matters!

Rural municipalities are more than just land banks—we are a vital part of this province’s economy, culture and future.  Long-term funding is a critical component of success and must acknowledge the unique needs of rural municipalities.


Member municipalities are being asked to support the AAMDC in a renewed effort to build on this long-time position that Rural Still Matters!  Utilize the materials below to become local and vocal champions for municipal and rural issues. It is a shared responsibility to move these ideas forward and work towards a positive outcome in the best interest of all Albertans.  It is time to join the discussion!


  • Cultivating Rural Relationships— August 5, 2011. Click here for event details.
  • Meetings with local MLAs
  • Meetings with local MPs
  • AAMDC Fall 2011 Convention
  • Provincial Election