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17 Apr 2014 05:49Co-Insurance

Many insurance policies contain a co-insurance clause. A co-insurance clause comes in to effect when an insured suffers a partial loss of their property. Should the property involved in the loss not be insured to full value the insured could be subject to a penalty. Here is an explanation to how the co-insurance clause works. Most insurance policies that do not involve Personal Property such as a home contain a 90% Co-Insurance Clause. What this means is that it is required that insurance [ ... ]

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01 Apr 2014 20:59Alberta Traffic Supply Spring Flyer

Spring is coming. Alberta Traffic Supply (ATS) is helping make this a safe season by offering safety products to protect your people. Download the Alberta Traffic Supply 2014 Spring Flyer for details. 

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16 Jan 2014 22:24ATS Winter 2013 Flyer

Winter is here. Alberta Traffic Supply (ATS) is helping to make the snow removal season efficient and effective. Check out the SnowEx Snow Broom, Walk-Behind Spreader and other handy safety supplies. Download their ATS Winter 2013 Flyer for details.   

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