Edmonton, AB - The AAMDC is pleased to see the introduction of an amending agreement between, the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) and Alberta Health Services (AHS).  The amendments focus on the health of citizens in several ways, but of particular significance is the Physician Resource Plan.  Many Alberta rural communities have long struggled from an insufficient and inconsistent number of doctors.   We are hopeful that this new plan will meet its goal to deliver high quality health care that is affordable and sustainable for all Albertans.

Our members have often been in the unfortunate position of competing with other municipalities for medical practitioners.  We are hopeful that this plan will place enough doctors in rural communities to eliminate the need for communities to compete for them.  AAMDC hopes to be consulted in the development of this plan as We are anxious to see the positive outcomes of these amendments.


Please direct enquiries to:

Al Kemmere

Gerald Rhodes
Executive Director