The AAMDC’s In Memoriam list acknowledges individuals who served their municipal district or county and who have passed away since last fall’s convention. The long service awards are open to councillors, CAOs and assistant CAOs currently serving rural municipalities. Commemorative pins are given at nine, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of municipal service. Plaques are given for reaching the 25 years of service milestone.

For the purpose of these awards, municipal service is defined as accumulated time spent serving either a rural or urban municipality in any capacity. This is provided the nominee is currently a councillor, CAO or assistant CAO of a rural municipality. A CAO is the administrative head of a municipality (e.g. commissioner, county manager, etc.). An assistant CAO is equal to assistant county manager or assistant commissioner.

To register a councillor and/or administrator who, by fall 2011, will have met the required milestone years of service, please visit the AAMDC website. You will need to login to the site in order to be able to post a name. Long service awards can be found under Events and Programs > AAMDC Convention > Long Service Award, or click here. The In Memoriam list is available under Events and Programs > AAMDC Convention > In Memoriam or click here.

Online submissions must be completed by October 14, 2011 in order to meet convention print deadlines.  Late submissions will be accepted until November 7, 2011 via email to Tasha Blumenthal at Late submissions will be recognized at convention but will not be included in the convention handbook.

Enquiries may be directed to:

Tasha Blumenthal
Advocacy & Convention Administration Coordinator

Kim Heyman
Director, Advocacy & Communications

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